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30 minutes, Twice per week.

Evidence Based

Our entire fitness prescription is based on peer-reviewed scientific research to ensure that you will receive the safest and most effective workout.

Expert, Educated Trainers

Our team of exercise physiologists all hold degrees in exercise science and are certified exercise physiologists giving you the ultimate resource in fitness.

You’re too busy to waste time on a workout that doesn’t work.

You are not the status quo.

Your workouts should be as smart as you are.

You don’t need to spend more time in the gym to feel unstoppable 


Accomplish more in 30 minutes than you ever thought possible in a workout. We will also track your progress so we can make sure you are improving during each and every exercise.


  • Improve Body Composition.
  • Higher metabolic rate. Burn more calories at rest.
  • Improve cardio-metabolic health.
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Prevent muscle atrophy, age-related wasting of muscle known as sarcopenia.
  • Improve cognitive function, enhance self-esteem, and combat depression.
  • Enhance athletic performance.  


Whether it is signing up for your first 5K race, climbing mount Machu Picchu or tackling a new case at work, you will be physically and mentally ready for the challenge.

We are not like other places you have worked out…

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Discover Strength
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Ellen Guerin
Ellen Guerin
23:58 11 Apr 21
I enjoy the personal nature of the location and workouts. The trainers all know me and greet me by name. It's a real... picker-upper. The workouts are tough and I always feel like I am getting a lot out of them.read more
Penelope Warren
Penelope Warren
02:07 21 Jan 21
I always get a great, evidence-based work out, tailored to my particular needs. The competence and friendliness of the... highly qualified staff inspires me, and. my twice weekly workouts under their guidance enhance my well-being in proven ways and leave me feeling great.read more
Jesse Swanson
Jesse Swanson
17:26 09 Jan 21
Discover Strenght is an awesome gym to workout at. It cuts out all the hassle of going to a big gym, it’s clean and... efficient. You can be in and out in 35 minutes with a full body workout, the trainers are knowledgeable, professional and strive to push you to your limits every time. I workout 2 days a week and that keeps my body burning all week. For all of you that say you don’t have time for a gym, discover strength is for you.Jesseread more
Meg Carlsen
Meg Carlsen
14:29 07 Nov 20
I appreciate that the trainers really listen to my individual needs and adjust exercises accordingly for where I'm at... each day, all while pushing and encouraging me to work my hardest.read more
Larry Kunz
Larry Kunz
18:54 23 Oct 20
Why 5 stars?• Results.I’d hoped to slow muscle loss. Unexpectedly I’ve added strength.• Intensity and duration ...... the form of investment matches my preferences.• Staff are themselves models of fitness, attentive to signals of muscle failure, and effective at eking out more effort.• Being recognized individually. It is nice to be known.read more
Scott Breimhorst
Scott Breimhorst
12:58 23 May 20
I've been a client of Discover Strength for five years and I could not speak more highly of the professionalism of the... trainers and leadership, and overall effectiveness of the approach. Discover Strength is unique with a hyper-individualized approach and protocols backed by research and ongoing development of their team. Absolutely nothing is "cookie-cutter." From the moment you engage with them, you'll see how your fitness needs and goals inform the development of your plan, and your actual workouts. I can't tell you how many times I hear things like, "we were talking about your upcoming race and we think we should emphasize..." The trainers care. They have never once mailed it in on a session and they take the overall outcome very seriously. From the owner/founder to the newest trainer, I have never been disappointed in a session. With concise, full-body, 30-minute sessions, Discover Strength is the kind of place that busy people who need to keep a schedule appreciate. I wish there were more than 5 stars to give.read more
Jeremy Voss
Jeremy Voss
00:01 21 May 20
Do you have that last 10, 15 even 20 lbs or more that you just can seem to get rid of and have tried every fad diet,... pill and exercise you could think of? Have you just had a baby and just can't seem to get into "Pre-Baby" shape? Get a hold of David Kramer at Discover Strength today! He is a highly knowledgeable fitness professional that will correctly assess where you are currently at, where you want to be, how you are going to get there along with an actual REAL timeline of what to expect.read more
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Rob M. Strength Story

Rob M. was spending too much time in the gym, and not seeing the results he was wanting and expecting. Then, he found Discover Strength. "I was struggling with my workouts before joining Discover Strength. As a member of a larger gym, I was going 4-5 times a week and...

Mary S. Strength Story

After a diagnosis of osteopenia, Mary S. knew she had to do something drastic. That's when she found Discover Strength. "Between the ages of 25 and 55, my main activity was running. I ran almost every day, often before dawn when I was working. I felt good, generally,...

Todd L. Strength Story

Back pain, no time to exercise, struggling to get out of bed… these were a few pain points that Todd was experiencing at age 61. He decided to do something about it and started strength training with Discover Strength. Read on to hear his point of view: "Prior to...

Doug T. Strength Story

Doug T. knew he wanted to retain his strength, even as he aged. Read more to hear about his journey with Discover Strength! “I have always been very active, as I was getting older I knew I was losing muscle mass. Luke was very convincing with his evidence-based...

Pam J. Strength Story

Pam J. was looking for an efficient way to gain strength as she aged and heard about Discover Strength through her daughter. Read her story today! "I started exercising regularly when I retired at the age of 65 and joined an all-women’s gym. I attended classes and...


  • No cancellation fees.
  • No long term contracts. Only month to month. 
  • No initiation fees.
  • Flexible scheduling 7 days per week. 
  • Train with any exercise physiologist, not just one, so you can workout on your time. 

Training Services

1-on-1 Personal Training

  • One exercise physiologist coaching one client for 30 minutes.
  • Our exercise physiologists hold undergraduate degrees in a health or exercise science related field, are ACSM or ACE certified at the highest level available, and have undergone extensive internal training as a part of Discover Strength University.
  • $60 per session on our autopay program.

Small Group Training

  • One exercise physiologist working with up to three individuals for 45 minutes.
  • Small Group ratios never exceed 3:1 to allow for maximum coaching from your exercise physiologist, while still delivering an individualized workout program.
  • $38 per session on our autopay program.

Virtual 1-on-1 Personal Training

  • One exercise physiologist coaching one client for 30 minutes virtually.
  • Our exercise physiologists hold undergraduate degrees in a health or exercise science-related field, are ACSM or ACE certified at the highest level available, and have undergone extensive internal training as a part of Discover Strength University.
  • $43 per session. 
  • If you are looking for some basic equipment to enhance your virtual 1on1s check out our equipment list




  • With the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Technology combined with the supervision of an exercise physiologist, we will help you get your life back. 
  • Decrease low back pain levels.
  • Improve quality of life and independence
  • increase flexibility and mobility
  • $520 for a package of 10
  • Learn more about the program here

Here is the plan


This is your opportunity to try out the workout before you invest any more time into a new fitness program. After this 45 minute Introductory Workout you will have experienced a full body workout and have all the information you need to make a decision on how you will like to move forward.


Feel the difference of a science based approach to exercise. There are no fad, only a research backed approach to getting you the best results.


Can you workout more than that? Yes. Do you need to? The research clearly says, no.
Busy people don't have time to waste on workouts that don't work. Discover Strength delivers 30 minute strength workouts, twice per week with an exercise physiologist. We'll help you look and feel your best in a fraction of the time.

At Discover Strength we know that you want to be unstoppable. In order to do that, you need a smarter workout. The problem is you don’t have the time to waste on workouts that don’t work which makes you feel frustrated. We believe your workouts should be as smart as everything else you do. We understand you are busy which is why we were voted the best place to workout for busy people by Star Tribune. Here is how we do it: 1. You’ll work with an exercise physiologist. 2. Using an evidence-based approach to exercise. 3. Only twice per week for 30 minutes. So, schedule you free Introductory Workout. And in the meantime, download our free guide “How do I build core strength?”. So you can stop wasting time in the gym and instead feel and look your best in a fraction of the time.

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