Why Should I Perform a Bod Pod Test?

A Bod Pod test measures the percentage of your body weight that is comprised of lean tissue versus fat tissue. When you gain or lose weight, a scale doesn’t tell you if that weight change is muscle or fat. This test is the ultimate tool for tracking your progress because it reliably tells you how much lean muscle you have gained and how much fat you have lost.

Additionally, the Bod Pod provides you with your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), the number of calories you burn each day while sedentary. Understanding your RMR can allow you to zero in on an appropriate calorie intake goal. Unlike other methods for testing body fat percentage, the Bod Pod is accurate and reliable and is considered the gold standard in body composition testing. Bod Pods are utilized at the Mayo Clinic, the NFL Combine, and research universities around the world.

Schedule a Bod Pod Session Now at our Chanhassen location

Assessment: 15 minutes $45. This service includes the Bod Pod assessment as well as a comprehensive consultation explaining test results and individualized suggestions for improving body composition.

Bod Pod Pack: 1 test per month for 12 months ($480; $40 per test)This is the ultimate in accountability. Schedule a test once per month to continually track progress and promote continuous improvement. Expires 1 year from purchase date.

  • Bod Pod 2 Pack: 2 tests for $85
  • Group testing: 5 tests per hour $175
  • 5 people will test per hour.
  • To schedule group testing for your team or employees contact hannah@discoverstrength.

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