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Working Around Injuries

This week on Trainer Talks, David discusses how Discover Strength works around injuries. Over the course of our lives most of us will encounter an injury of some kind. It is important for your Personal Trainer to know how to work around that injury for you to continue to see progress in your workout routine. It is common to feel discouraged and to want to take a break from your fitness routine but it behooves you to continue to try and train the rest of the musculature of your body. That is where an educated trainer is helpful. Our trainers will be able to work around pretty much any injury you need to so that you can continue to see improvements and progress. 

Common injuries we see are shoulder and knee injuries. The shoulder is the most common injury because it is the most freely movable joint in the body and therefore more susceptible to injury. 

Ways that we can work around injuries are limiting the range of motion to a range that is comfortable. Another way is to reduce the weight and work through range of motion with very little weight. This almost emulates therapy for that joint. If articulation is not possible our trainers will simply choose a different exercise to target the same muscle group. 


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