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Avoid the Tyranny of the OR and Embrace the Genius of the AND

In his best-selling book, Built to Last, management advisor, Jim Collins coaches companies and their leaders to abandon what he calls, the “Tyranny of the OR.” Instead, he suggests we must embrace the “Genius of the AND.”  A company can be profitable AND do work with purpose; have great execution AND be innovative; be creative AND disciplined. 
The same inspiration can be applied to our exercise. Elements that we’ve classically assumed are mutually exclusive, can and should be married together. We can embrace the “Genius of the AND” in our exercise.
  • We can exercise with a high level of intensity AND with great form.
  • We can train to momentary muscle failure AND be incredibly safe.
  • We can workout very little AND produce great results.
  • We can be committed to sports and recreation (running, cycling, golfing) AND reap the distinct benefits of strength training. 
  • We can reap the innumerable health benefits of resistance training AND occasionally eat carrot cake.
  • We can improve muscle endurance AND muscle strength concurrently. 

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