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Back pain, no time to exercise, struggling to get out of bed… these were a few pain points that Todd was experiencing at age 61. He decided to do something about it and started strength training with Discover Strength. Read on to hear his point of view:

“Prior to joining Discover Strength, I had been struggling to find the time to work out or get much exercise of any type. I was mostly walking around the neighborhood streets with my wife but nothing too strenuous or cardio-enhancing. I had been dealing with low back pain that made it difficult to sit up straight when getting out of bed every morning. As the day progressed, my back would loosen up and not cause pain or issues, until the next morning when the getting up process started all over again.

The pain was a nuisance, and at 61 years old I decided I needed to start taking better care of myself before things degenerated beyond repair… [I] started my strength training on May 18th, 2018, and have been training twice a week, pretty much ever since!

My core body strength improved rather quickly and within a few months I was no longer experiencing any back pain! I have been pain-free ever since! I thoroughly enjoy the intensity of each workout no matter who I train with. I am so much stronger than I ever could have imagined and my overall health, now at 65 years old and recently retired, is excellent! …I am healthy, strong, sturdy, and confident! All benefits from training with Jake, Cory, Cole, Matt, John, Abe, Sven, and others in Woodbury for the past five years!”

-Todd L.

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