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Writing in Harvard Business Review, St. Leo University Professor, Dr. Russel Clayton describes his research on exercise and its impact on work-life balance. For decades, we have mistakenly classified exercise as “recreation” and thus, viewed exercise as a selfish indulgence. According to Clayton’s research, regular exercise actually improves our work-life balance. In his study, his subjects were busy professionals who reported having too much on their plates. He then had these professionals add structured exercise to their already overflowing plates. The results speak to the the selflessness of exercise. 
“Perhaps more than anything, employers can help by getting the word out that exercise isn’t a selfish indulgence that inevitably requires some sacrifice on either the work or home front. What we found was overwhelming support for a positive relationship between regular exercise and satisfying management of the work-home interface. It isn’t only that exercise supports better physical health. Through its direct impact on increased self-efficacy and reduced psychological strain,exercise leads to better integration of professional and personal lives.”
Writing an article appearing in both Entrepreneur and Time magazine titled “Why Exercising is a Higher Priority than my Business,” author and entrepreneur Josh Steimle, echoes this stating, “When I exercise, that makes me better in every role I have, whether it’s as a husband, father, friend or entrepreneur.”[Article attached here]

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