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The Process, The Journey, and Thank You for 15 Years

Tomorrow marks Discover Strength’s 15-year anniversary. A central learning for me over the last 15 years is that any endeavor, whether it is the process of improving strength and fitness; cultivating a relationship; or growing a business… is about the journey, not the destination. We simply never arrive.  Our focus should be on the process itself. 
Since 2004, I’ve been fanatically committed to the business and life principle popularized by author Jim Collins: “First who, then what.” In his seminal book “Good to Great” Collins argues that a focus on people before elements such as strategy, marketing, and operations is the foundation of enduring organizations. He applies this principle to our personal lives as well suggesting that who we spend our time with largely defines the quality of the experiences in our lives. First who, then what.
For 15 years, I have had the incredible opportunity to go on this journey with a tremendous “who”; an amazing group of clients and staff. For me, the “who” has been the highlight and in fact the reason for the journey. Many businesses say things like “we have the best staff” or “we have the best product” and make no mistake, I’m very proud of the DS team and our product. But I’m absolutely convicted that we have the best clients in our industry or any industry. So, on behalf of the DS Team, thank you for being our client; for pouring yourself into your workouts; for making our work and our lives meaningful. 
In Jim Collins’s newest book, Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0, he sums up my feelings magnificently:
“Accomplishments in themselves bring little meaning or lasting satisfaction, but the pursuit of accomplishment arm in arm with the right people can produce tremendous satisfaction. If you’re lucky enough to excel at meaningful work you enjoy, you’re very fortunate. But if you do meaningful work you enjoy with people you love, you’ve truly won the lottery. “
We are both humbled and thrilled to be on this journey with you. 

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