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Spot reduction involves performing exercises for specific areas of the body in hopes that we lose fat in that specific region. Examples include doing “core” exercises to rid the midsection of fat or performing triceps extensions to lose “bingo arm” fat. To be clear, the vast majority of exercisers are selecting and performing exercises with the hope that specific muscle training is effective.

Authors of a brand-new meta-analysis published this month in the scientific journal Human Movement examined 13 studies with over 1,300 subjects and provided us with the most up-to-date understanding of this topic.

The authors concluded that “localized muscle training had no effect on localized adipose tissue depots, i.e., there was no spot reduction, regardless of the characteristics of the population and of the exercise program. The popular belief concerning spot reduction is probably derived from wishful thinking and convenient marketing strategies, such as influencers seeking increased popularity and procedure sellers interested in increasing advertising.”

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