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Strength training offers countless benefits from muscle gain to improve mental function to enhanced athletic performance. Hear from current Discover Strength client Robin about an impressive advantage she has gained in the past six months:

“I was referred to Discover Strength by my massage therapist, Kristin E., who is also a client there. She has been working with me to reduce the pain caused by Restless Leg Syndrome, arthritic hip, and muscles that tighten up which occasionally demand the use of a cane. The pain caused by these ailments saps my strength and limits my ability to interact outside my home.

I have been working out twice a week at Discover Strength for approximately six months. When I had my DEXA Bone Density test last week, I was surprised to see the percentages rise between 8.1 and 12%. I didn’t expect positive results so soon. While I have not experienced full relief from the pain, I am pleased to see results so quickly, especially at the age of 75. I shared my workout regimen with my medical doctor who is also encouraged by the testing results.”

Discover the benefits strength training can have for you, just like they did for Robin, and sign up for a Free Introductory Workout today!

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