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Rob M. was spending too much time in the gym, and not seeing the results he was wanting and expecting. Then, he found Discover Strength.

“I was struggling with my workouts before joining Discover Strength. As a member of a larger gym, I was going 4-5 times a week and spending over 2 hours during each workout. The time commitment became challenging as I grew older and as I advanced in my career. I was unmotivated with my workouts and the overall environment of larger gyms. I was also facing injuries sustained by improper form, improper weight increases and overall aging of my joints, etc.

Overall, I was feeling very frustrated with the amount of time I was spending at the gym without the expected results. I had no real increase in strength or muscle mass, which were my main goals. But having to deal with the occasional (but painful) onset of injuries motivated me to look outside the box for a different solution.

I came across Discover Strength at a fitness presentation hosted by my employer. After Luke shared Discover Strength’s approach to evidenced-based exercise methods and demonstrated a typical workout, I decided I would give it a try. From the start, the high-end/personal touch consultation with DS was very different than at my previous gyms. A trainer met with me during our initial meeting to discuss my fitness goals and documented previous injuries or issues to take into account. They made several adjustments as we progressed through the 1:1 workout, provided feedback on form and reps to prevent injuries, talked about cadence going forward and took documentation for future workouts with trainers. This is a higher-end approach than my previous gyms who basically showed me the locker room and where the weights are. The equipment used at Discover Strength was another notable difference. They feel like the Mercedes of workout machines compared to the what I used at my previous gym. More ergonomic with multiple adjustment points to fit my body properly to further reduce the chance of injury.

I have seen much improvement in my physicality, endurance and strength. I’ve continued to see personal improvements throughout the program even when things took a turn health-wise. In 2020, I was diagnosed with a long-term illness that resulted in severe nerve damage. This caused reduction/loss of motor functions in my extremities and was compounded with COVID restrictions that further reduced physical activities. DS provided virtual workouts that helped maintain some of my motor functions as best as possible. Once the condition was resolved, the trainers were extremely patient and understanding as they adjusted my workouts multiple times to alleviate nerve pain while stimulating/waking the nerves that were damaged. Since 2020, I have seen great improvement with my workouts and strength and continue to improve. I’ve been with DS for over 7 years and it’s been the absolute best decision I’ve made for my overall health and fitness.”

-Rob M.

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