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Welcome back to another season of The Discover Strength Podcast! On this week’s episode, I’m delighted to be joined by world-renowned exercise science researcher, and one of the most prolific authors in the resistance training field, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld. Dr. Schoenfeld has been a previous guest on our podcast, discussing ways to maximize hypertrophy. You can find that episode HERE. In this week’s episode, we had Dr. Schoenfeld on to discuss the importance of training to momentary muscular failure.

While we are firm believers at Discover Strength that single-set training to momentary muscular failure is the most time-efficient, and effective strategy to maximize results in minimum time, there are many effective ways to train.

The research study we discuss in this episode looks at a recent meta-analysis, comparing different training styles. Some to failure, and some not to failure, to see if there’s a benefit to either.
While there seems to be some benefit to training shy of failure, specifically for strength athletes, the majority of the training population will not see much if any difference between training to failure versus not training to failure.

The biggest difference is the time commitment involved. At Discover Strength, we know busy people don’t have time to waste on exercise that doesn’t work. And while multi-set, higher volume training, may be effective, it’s certainly not time efficient.

We discuss how the results of training to failure versus not training to failure are essentially negligible. So for clients, listeners, and trainees, looking to maximize results in minimum time, single-set resistance training taken to momentary muscle failure, seems to be a great strategy, backed by the research, and proven to be effective!

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