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Welcome to the newest Discover Strength Podcast Mini-Series where we will focus on 12 things we think are essential to getting better results from your workouts in less time. Join us as we go deeper on each topic in a format that’s perfect for sharing and broadening your own knowledge. Thanks for joining us, and please enjoy this week’s episode about rep range and weight.

What are the effects of rep range and weight on toning and bulking? Find out more by listening to this week’s Discover Strength Podcast Mini-Series episode.

“This myth has been around for years, right, it’s been around for decades, that if you use a really heavy weight and don’t do many repetitions you’re going to get bulkier. And if you use light weights and do a lot of repetitions it’s gonna lead to more of a toned appearance. As we’ve talked about before we’ve had clients come in that say ‘well I don’t wanna used too heavy of a weight because I don’t want to get really bulky,’ when we know that there’s no way that that person is going to get a very bulky appearance using a heavy weight. There’s just no correlation between weight that is used and then the morphological changes that person actually makes.”
-David G.

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