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Welcome to the newest Discover Strength Podcast Mini-Series where we will focus on 12 things we think are essential to getting better results from your workouts in less time. Join us as we go deeper on each topic in a format that’s perfect for sharing and broadening your own knowledge. Thanks for joining us, and please enjoy this week’s episode on recovery.

Is more really better when it comes to exercise? Not necessarily. Recovery is key to building muscle and seeing benefits from strength training.

The scientific research is clear: the key ingredient in gaining the most benefits from resistance training is not the workout itself, but the recovery that follows. You don’t build any muscle during your workouts, you build muscle during the time in between your workouts.

Award-winning writer Christie Aschwanden spoke on this topic at the most recent Resistance Exercise Conference. Her book, “Good to Go”, is an extensive exploration of recovery modalities, and Christie talks with readers about what works and what doesn’t. (We’ll give you a hint: make sure you are getting lots of good sleep.)

Senior Exercise Physiologist Logan Emmett Herlihy and VP of Operations David Gschneidner talk all about recovery and its importance in regard to strength training in this week’s installment of the Discover Strength podcast.

After listening to the podcast, hear Discover Strength CEO Luke Carlson speak with us in THIS VIDEO about recovery and rest regarding strength training. Make sure you are paying attention to not only the workouts but also the time in between.

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