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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
"Protein and Muscle Gain" Part 2 with Dr. Stuart Phillips

In this week’s episode of the Discover Strength Podcast, I continue my conversation with protein expert Dr. Stuart Phillips.
Dr. Phillips is a senior lecturer at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He is widely regarded as one of the preeminent researchers in the world on protein. While the topic of protein and how it affects our bodies can be very wide ranging, we tried to keep this episode down to the fundamentals.
In this second part of our 2-part episode Dr. Phillips and I discuss exactly how your body uses the protein you take in, and what is the ideal timing to take protein? What kind of protein recommendations should you use to support your resistance training routine. And what kind of progress is realistic for beginners and advanced trainees when it comes to a proper resistance training program.
Our clients constantly hear us harp on the importance of protein, and I think this weeks episode will be an excellent reminder on the actual purpose of protein and why it’s so important to our bodies, and our health.

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