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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
Episode 6: Project Discover- 16 Week Body Composition Study

0:52 Introduce Special Guests

1:44 The history of “Project Discover”

3:42 Meet Dr. James Steele

4:18 Meet Dr. James Fisher

5:55 Discover Strength exists to….Lead the movement in evidence based exercise

7:27 Previous Project Discover Studies

  1. Pre- Exhaustion Training
  2. Eccentric Overload Training
  3. Rep Duration
  4. Motivations around exercise (survey)

12:12 Current survey…there is still time to participate

13:18 Why do we use general populations for our studies?

16:58 Supervision allows for compliance to the study protocol – every rep is supervised by a Discover Strength trainer

19:18 The current Project Discover Study- what are we looking at?

25:57 Looking for a sample size of 150 participants

26:25 What does the nutrition intervention entail?

28:28 What does the study look like for a participant and why should someone sign up?

32:02 Anonymity guaranteed for participants

34:35 When can I get started in the study?

Head here to sign up!


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