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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
Episode 3: Predicting Proximity to Failure

In this episode of “The Discover Strength Podcast” Dr. James Steele and our host Logan Herlihy discuss predicting proximity to muscle failure.

Dr. James Steele is an associate professor of Sports and Exercise Science at Solent University and the principal investigator at UK Active Research Institute.

0:52 – Introduction to Dr. James Steele

2:57- Background on Dr. James Steele

11:00 Ability to Predict Proximity to Failure

12:58 Clinical definition of “Failure”

14:22 The habit of stopping on a complete repetition (stopping when you think you are going to fail)

16:30 Rate of Perceived Effort Scale

17:50 Study- Predicting Reps prior to starting exercise

24:05 How the Study began

28:08 Discussion of Study results

36:24 Meta-Analysis that Dr. James is working on right now

40:25 Study Conclusions

55:45 What is Dr. James Steele working on right now?

1:00:44 Episode Recap with Jake Picht, Exercise Physiologist and Discover Strength General Manager

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