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In this week’s episode of the Discover Strength Podcast, we are excited to continue with our Exercise Myths and Misconceptions Mini-Series with Dr. James Fisher and Discover Strength CEO, Luke Carlson. We’ll discuss another prevalent myth in the fitness industry: the idea that “more is better” when it comes to exercise and results.

These two friends and colleagues were kind enough to sit down and discuss, in their own words, some of the most pervasive myths still running rampant in our industry. While there are plenty to choose from, we decided to focus on the myths and misconceptions from our very first podcast ever with Dr. Fisher (HERE).

This five-part mini-series will cover some of the most widespread myths and misconceptions and hopefully set the record straight on some of these topics once and for all.

Our fifth and final episode focuses on the ideal training frequency for resistance training. We hope to once and for all breakdown and dispel the common notion that “more is better”. We’ll look at what the research actually has to say regarding frequency. We’ll also look at how recovery should factor into your workout frequency, and finally, we’ll discuss why the “more is better” archetype simply doesn’t apply to proper resistance training.

Dr. Fisher has conducted some of the definitive work on ideal exercise frequency. Along with his colleagues, Dr. James Steele, Dr. PAK, and Dr. Brad Schoenfeld (all previous podcast guests), they have collectively or individually published numerous papers on this exact topic of the ideal exercise frequency.

Like many things in the fitness industry, we are often led to believe that more is better because it allows fitness influencers and charlatans to sell complicated programs for what need naught be that complicated. The ideal exercise frequency is typically anywhere from 1-3x/week. The key factor is all about the intensity of effort in the individual workout, and how you recover outside of your workouts.
We need to consider things like stress, not just from exercise, but from life, and how those things influence your recovery ability. If you want to learn more about proper recovery and how to maximize it, check out our previous episode with NYT-Best Selling Author Christie Aschwanden (HERE).

The reality is one to three full-body workouts per week, with a high level of intensity of effort, is more than enough for MOST people. We don’t need MORE exercise, we need smarter, harder, more efficient exercise.

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