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Welcome to the newest Discover Strength Podcast Mini-Series where we will focus on 12 things we think are essential to getting better results from your workouts in less time. Join us as we go deeper on each topic in a format that’s perfect for sharing and broadening your own knowledge. Thanks for joining us, and please enjoy this week’s episode on momentary muscle failure.

We burn more calories going to failure when compared to not-to-failure, both during the workout and following the workout. Muscle failure ensures that we maximize motor unit and muscle fiber recruitment. Training to failure is the most effective lever we can pull to increase caloric expenditure from exercise.

But what is momentary muscle failure, what does it look like? Vice President of Operations David Gschneidner talks with Senior Exercise Physiologist Logan Emmett Herlihy about just that in our latest installment of the Discover Strength Podcast.

Calling it the “most important controllable factor” in your strength training workouts, David goes on to talk about how muscle failure is most simply defined as the point at which you can no longer complete a repetition of a given exercise with perfect form. Other indicators we see of momentary muscle failure are when the lowering of the weight starts to become faster than at the beginning of a set, or when a client “bounces” the weight off of the bottom of the range of motion, indicating that they are recruiting momentum to lift the weight instead of muscle.

If you want to get the most out of your strength training workouts, train slowly and safely to momentary muscle failure.

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