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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
Episode 10: How Much is Just Enough? Minimum Training Recommendations

In this week’s episode of “The Discover Strength Podcast” I had the pleasure of sitting down with a research assistant at Solent University in the UK. Patroklos Androulakis-Korakakis (PAK) is mere weeks away from becoming Dr. Androulakis-Korakakis, and was kind enough to share some of the research he’s using for his Doctoral Thesis. PAK’s main focus for his research work has been on minimum effective dose training for powerlifters. In this episode we talk about some of his own research and other similar projects that investigate this idea of what is the least one can do to still effectively gain or maintain strength.

0:52 Episode Sneak peak with Colton Haight, Exercise Physiologist.

2:40 Introduction to PAK

4:45 Study with Power Lifters- minimum effective dose

10:30 What do these results mean for us (the non power lifters)?

14:00 What are the broader applications of this study?

17:00 Fit20 Study

26:06 What the research means for us

28:12 Episode Recap with Colton Haight, Exercise Physiologist

Check out the articles mentioned in this episode below:

Minimum Effective Dose Study: Here
Fit 20 Study: Here


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