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Welcome to the newest Discover Strength Podcast Mini-Series where we will focus on 12 things we think are essential to getting better results from your workouts in less time. Join us as we go deeper on each topic in a format that’s perfect for sharing and broadening your own knowledge. Thanks for joining us, and please enjoy this week’s episode on injuries.

How does strength training help rehabilitate previous injuries and protect you from future injuries? Strength training improves tendon stiffness which gives a more efficient return as we land and push off again in running and jumping. Note, this is not to say it reduces the range of motion/flexibility (that is when the muscle is relaxed). This also strengthens the tendon and prevents injuries.

Listen to the new episode in the Mini Series today on Injuries with Exercise Physiologists, David Gschneidner and Logan Emmett Herlihy.

“What effect does, and what role does strength training play in all of those aspects of injury? So, you may not be injured, how is it going to be helpful, you may be in the thick of an injury, how’s it going to be helpful, and then how can we prevent future ones from after you come back from a significant injury as well.”
-David G.

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