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In this week’s episode of the Discover Strength Podcast, I had the pleasure to sit down with Dr. Jose Antonio, Ph.D. to talk this week about creatine.

Dr. Antonio is an Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern University. He’s also a founding member of the ISSN (the International Society of Sports Nutrition), along with the Editor in Chief of the Journal of the ISSN and a former Vice President of the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association).

Dr. Antonio is one of the leading researchers on sports supplementation in the world.

If you’ve listened to the Discover Strength Podcast you’ve probably heard us discuss creatine as one of the few supplements on the market that actually shows real clinical, scientific proof of effectiveness. Probably second only to protein supplementation, creatine (specifically creatine monohydrate) is a supplement that can be taken by almost any individual who is partaking in resistance training that shows positive benefits to almost all training metrics, with little to no side effects.

Despite its safety and effectiveness, creatine is still widely misunderstood by the non-educated physically active community at large. So in 2021 Dr. Antonio and his research group published a paper discussing some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding creatine. Their hope is to shed some light on creatine’s safety and efficacy and to dispel common myths and misconceptions surrounding the anabolic (muscle-building) supplement, of which there are many.

If you have ever thought about taking creatine, this is a wonderful episode to quell any doubts you may have. If you’ve never thought about adding creatine to your supplement regimen, hopefully, this conversation will offer some insight into all the value that creatine has to offer.

Check out the paper HERE!

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