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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
Episode 8: Training With An Injured Limb

Omar Valdes is a student and research assistant at Universidad Finis Terrae in Chile. With the help of his professor Luis Penailillo for his graduate thesis he wrote a wonderful paper that has huge implications for recovery on an injured limb. 

0:52 Episode Preview with Exercise Physiologist, Christian Espitia-Betancourth

2:37 Introduction to Omar Vildes and Luis Penalillo

4:20 How did the idea for this stud come about?

7:39 This idea is not new, is currently used in neurological situations (cerebral palsy)

8:55 Study details

13:35 what were the findings of the study?

15:33 What these results mean for our clients (especially if you you are injured, or have an injury in the future)

17:14 Why haven’t we heard of this before?

21:18 This is why we take an evidence based approach to exercise

25:15 Do something if you get injured

29:20 If you can’t move one side….move the other!

30:08 Episode Recap with Exercise Physiologist, Christian Espitia-Betancourth


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