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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
Episode 12: "Impacts of Step Reduction & Fighting Sarcopenia" with Dr. Sara Oikawa

On this week’s episode of “The Discover Strength Podcast” I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Sara Oikawa from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI). Dr. Oikawa earned her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD. from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. At McMaster she had the distinction of studying under Dr. Stuart Phillips, widely regarded as the preeminent researcher on Protein Metabolism in the entire world.

0:52 Episode Sneak peek with Exercise Physiologist and Iconic Trainer at Discover Strength, Taylor Melvin

2:12 Introduction to Dr. Sara Oikawa

5:00 What is Sarcopenia?

8:45 What are the consequences of losing muscle?

10:32 How does step reduction impact us? (Findings of the study)

14:38 Strategies for mitigating muscle loss during periods of step reduction or general misuse

18:00 What does the research say about muscle loss while being on bed rest?

22:00 The problem with step counts

24:10 How can we avoid total periods of misuse?

28:47 What would Dr. Oikawa recommend to battle against sarcopenia?

33:27 Long term ramifications from being inactive

36:54 Dr. Oikawa’s 2 final take home messages

40:06 Episode Recap with Exercise Physiologist and Iconic Trainer, Taylor Melvin



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