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Welcome to the newest Discover Strength Podcast Mini-Series where we will focus on 12 things we think are essential to getting better results from your workouts in less time. Join us as we go deeper on each topic in a format that’s perfect for sharing and broadening your own knowledge. Thanks for joining us, and please enjoy this week’s episode on eccentrics.

In strength training, eccentrics (negatives) are the closest thing we have to magic. It is primarily where our strength and hypertrophy gains come from.

We produce more force lowing the weight than lifting it.

If you want to build bigger and stronger muscles focus on longer, controlled eccentrics during your workouts.

“The eccentric contraction is really important from a muscle strengthening and muscle hypertrophy, or muscle size, perspective. We should really accentuate the eccentric. For us, it doesn’t have to be insanely slow, but it still should be a slow and controlled eccentric. In our standard rep cadence we do a two-second concentric and a four-second eccentric just to, once again, accentuate a little bit more that lowering phase because we know it’s so beneficial from a strength and muscle size perspective.”
-David G.

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