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Discover Strength Podcast
Discover Strength Podcast
2021 Trainer Recap Roundtable

On this week’s episode of “The Discover Strength Podcast” I was joined by six senior trainers at Discover Strength. We discussed the biggest takeaways from the first full year of the podcast. Things we didn’t know before listening, things we’ve shared most with our clients this year, and things we hope to learn more about in the future.

If you haven’t listened to these episodes we discussed, this is a great opportunity to go back and learn more.
I wanted to say thank you to all of our listeners to supporting this show in its first full year. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback, comments and questions… please keep them coming in 2022.

Thank you as well to all of our guests, we literally could not do this without you, and I’ve been humbled to talk with many of the leaders in the field of Exercise Science.

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Happy New Year everyone! We’ll see you in 2022 for Season 2!

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