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No Time To Lift

Time is the number one barrier to exercise. Authors of a new narrative review published in the scientific journal Sports Medicine sought to understand how trainees could still maximize the health, strength, and aesthetic benefits of strength training if they had, “no time to lift.” The authors’ research-based summary can serve as the foundation of your workouts:
“By performing bilateral, multi-joint exercises, all major muscle-groups can be targeted with as few as three exercises (a leg pressing exercise, an upper-body pushing exercise, and an upper-body pulling exercise: e.g. leg press, bench press and seated rows). Training can be performed in one, or several shorter sessions—whatever suits the individual. Additionally, advanced training techniques such as drop-sets, rest-pause training and supersets can be used to increase training volume in a more time-efficient fashion. To further reduce training time, individuals could abstain from stretching and a general warm-up, and limit the specific warm-up to the first exercise for each muscle group.”

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