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No Non-Responders to Resistance Exercise

Welcome back to another week of Tuesday trainer talks the subjects were going to talk about this week is non-responders stats or size and then touch a little bit on non-responders to resist inside exercise show in general depending on what the study is looking at a different intervention and the different variables that they’re looking at there seems to be in non-responders to exercise some other form and once again I kinda depends on what’s the intervention and what are the different variables they’re looking for and they find that there’s a subset of people that seem to either perform actually worse than those variables over the course of study do that intervention or they just have no change at all please return non-responders to whatever that intervention maybe and in 2015 a group of researchers wanted to look at specifically with older women and older men was there such thing as a non-responder to resistance type exercise the variables that they looked at or change in a lean mass they look at muscle fiber size and I looked at type-1 and type-2 strength and a final one was physical function and what they found is that although not everybody responded positively to all these different variables there wasn’t a single individual over the course of all the studies that they looked at that didn’t respond to one of these variables and what they concluded is that there’s no such thing as a non-responder to resistance exercise so although some people made out of improved from a physical function standpoint they may have improved their muscle fiber size and they do not improve their strength David an improvement in physical function and so like I said that the chase on here is there is actually no such thing as a non-responder to resistance type exercise it would appear That’s this weeks tuesday trainer talk

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