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My Favorite Exercise Physiology Researcher and Favorite Marketer Share this Opinion About You

Dr. James Fisher is an exercise physiologist and researcher at Solent University in Southampton, United Kingdom. He is one of the most prolific strength training researchers in the world.  Over the last eight years, Dr. Fisher is a close colleague and friend of mine and Discover Strength.  In February, we were featured on a podcast in which we opined on the future of high intensity strength training.
Fisher shared an interesting observation.
He pontificated about why people choose a particular methodology of exercise. As well as, whether or not they choose to hire a personal trainer. Fisher states, “Maybe it’s not the trainers; but maybe it’s the clients of high intensity strength training facilities that are really, really smart people.”  He went on to state that perhaps these clients understand they don’t need to be an expert in exercise. Instead, they can simply show up, work hard in a safe manner, and walk out the door and move on to other pursuits.
Interestingly, one of my favorite marketers, author Seth Godin, has been a client of a strength training studio in Manhattan. This studio is owned and operated by Fred, a close friend and colleague of Discover Strength.  Because Fred is located in Manhattan, he has a lot of “celebrity” clients. I love to hear about some of these personalities. When I was told that Godin was a client I enthusiastically pried for more information.  Fred shared this paraphrase of his conversation with Godin: “Fred, I’m not going to give you marketing advice and I’m not going to talk shop during my workouts, but if I owned this business, my tagline would be: ‘For smart people. Just like you.’”
My opinion?  I think it’s a combination of two things.  I think a client of a high intensity strength training business is smart in that they are drawn to an evidence-based, safe, and effective approach to exercise. Also. they are smart enough to understand that being coached and guided through the workout magnifies one’s results.

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