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Virtual client Michelle has struggled with hamstring issues for a decade. No matter what she did, her flare-ups still got in the way of her marathon training and left her feeling frustrated. When Michelle started Virtual Training with Discover Strength, she noticed the difference!

“For ten years I have dealt with proximal hamstring tendinopathy on my right leg. It first developed during the winter of 2012 while training for the 2013 Boston Marathon. I saw a physical therapist for dry needling and strengthening exercises, but it never fully healed despite seeing a medical professional for years during this time. It would flare up from time to time but no matter how many strengthening exercises I did for it, it was never 100%.

While I had this hamstring issue, I never felt as strong on my right side as I did on my left side. There were many points in time when I had to take time off, rest, or reduce my training volume and intensity because of it. It was frustrating for me because I couldn’t train in the way I wanted to.

I have always been diligent about strength training and resistance training throughout my 30-year running career, but the slow eccentric work Maria has me do is unlike any type of training I have done before. She pushes me so much more than I would on my own–and I’m pretty hard on myself and an overachiever by nature, so that’s saying a lot!

I finally don’t have pain in my high hamstring while driving, my knee drive and leg propulsion when doing interval work feel so much stronger on my right side, and I can do a hamstring curl on my right side with the same weight as my left side.”

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