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Hear how Discover Strength client Meredith E. recruited her whole family after experiencing the difference that strength training made in her life!

“I had never done strength training (only yoga, swimming, walking, cardio…) and I signed up for a nutritionist who changed my eating and also recommended building strength and muscle as I’m a woman in my 40s. I didn’t know about Discover Strength and never thought strength training was for me as I never wanted to be a bodybuilder and always associated weight training with bodybuilding. I learned that as we age (especially women), we lose muscle and I know I need muscle to stay strong and active which is so important to me and integral to my holistic health care.

Discover Strength is for anyone! It is so effective and efficient and the trainers are one of a kind. I love that the experience is customized for me based on my goals and I feel heard. I can’t believe I was always so active but completely skipping this important work. I didn’t realize how critical strength training is to my health.

Twice a week, I walk into a crew of the most amazing trainers that have taken the time to know me and know how to push me and support me. I look forward to seeing them and being challenged by them.

I recruited my whole family to go to Discover Strength. My husband and two kids (11 and 14) all show up Saturday mornings to work it. We love trading stories on the hardest machine and how good we feel after an intense session!”

-Meredith E., Discover Strength Woodbury Client

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