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We know you want to be unstoppable. Our efficient, evidence-based workouts with expert, educated exercise physiologists will help you be just that. But don’t just take our word for it. Mercedes A. has been a Discover Strength client at our Northeast location for over five years. Read about the impact we’ve had on her life:

“I was just turning 40 and found myself having trouble walking UP stairs without pain in my right knee. Several friends and colleagues told me “it’s just a part of getting older” I wasn’t happy with that answer, since my work is very physical and I had no plans of being held down by restrictions. So, I started research. I ended up finding a place that did strength training across town, they had Med X equipment. I liked the approach. Then, they were closing. So, simply a Google search for strength trainers with Med X equipment and “Boom” – I found Discover Strength and have never looked back. For a little over 5 years, I’ve now trained twice per week.

I feel like I am in control of my health. By removing the distraction of my knee and slowly rehabbing it at the perfect gradient to “rediscover the strength it has” I have been able to address other parts of my health. It’s never a quick fix, strength and health is a lifestyle. So, Discover Strength helps me feel like I am aging with knowledge and strength versus aging and going downhill in my health.

My workouts are mine. They push me, but don’t shove me. They challenge me, but don’t let me glide. We pull back the gradient if there’s an injury and over time address the proper posture, which these days I rarely am injured. As a beginner at Discover Strength, I’d over do it to get all the reps and ditch the perfect form and over time I’ve come to understand that perfect form well done over time produces those reps I was aiming for in the early days. Perfect form also maintains integrity, thus low to no injuries.

I look forward to aging, continue to take care of myself and admire as a mid 40 year old, I feel in way better shape than as a mid 30 year old, which I would have never expected. My husband, who is 20 years older than me also trains – and he loves it too. He’s an active chiropractor and is very physical still in his clinic. His life is also more vibrant as a result of training and building his muscles. He’s able to stay in practice and can make the choice to be physically present, while not being exhausted, as a result of building up his stamina through strength training. We both love the challenge and knowing we’re adding life to our physical selves through the discipline we’ve gained as clients. We love our Discover Strength family, their genuine care for us and the values they live through their work.”

Does this resonate with you? Do you have knee injuries, back pain, or anything else in the way of you taking charge of your life?

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