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Matthew S. is a client at Discover Strength Maple Grove, whose life was changed by the workouts he accomplished. He was able to see changes he never thought possible in terms of both weight loss and strength gain. Hear more about Matthew’s story here!

“I started going to Discover Strength in February of 2022 and for something that started out as a begrudging favor for a loved one to become more healthy, has turned into a life-changing experience. Working with Brad, Jim, Colton, and the rest of the trainers at Discover Strength I never thought that it was possible to see the change in myself that I am seeing. Losing weight and gaining strength is great but to me the best results I’m experiencing are feeling better about myself, the increased energy and mood levels, and the confidence that it brings. The trainers take the time to explain everything, answer questions thoroughly, and get to know you personally, They push you hard and more importantly, you can tell they genuinely care which makes me push myself even more than I thought I could. I can truly say that Discover Strength has changed my life.”
-Matthew S.

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