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Larry has been a lifelong athlete, competing in downhill skiing and long-distance cycling. He knows what it feels like to work hard. Despite his attention to his health and active lifestyle, he was still noticing decreases in his muscle, and increases in fat. It was disturbing to him to notice that loss of muscle, and sobering to think about what those changes could mean.

His friend passed on some insider intel: workouts with Discover Strength. Larry started with a free introductory workout five years ago and has been a star client ever since. Consistently training, participating in Body Comp Challenges, and adjusting his protein consumption has made all the difference for Larry. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“A friend spoke to me from time to time about her workout routine with Discover Strength. My curiosity changed to active investigation as I began to read about the phenomenon of muscle deterioration with age and to recognize it in myself (as I approached and reached age 57). Throughout most of my life, I’ve been attentive to my health and active. My goal was then and has been ever since, to change my body’s muscle and fat proportions, and slow muscle deterioration.

My friend Kerry gave me a free introductory pass. Differences include:
1. Duration- 30 minutes. In on time. Out on time.
2. Intensity- Unlike any experience I had previously, or since. Having competed in downhill skiing at a collegiate level, and competed in long-distance cycling endurance events, I was and am not inexperienced with demanding physical effort. For roughly the first one and a half years, I dreaded Discover Strength days. I don’t recall the inflection point but it took place. Now I look forward to Discover Strength days. That anticipation is visceral. A thrill in every cell at hearing the word ‘Discover Strength’ or merely thinking of the workout.
3. Atmosphere- Clean, like no other weight training facility I’ve been in. Friendly. For example, each trainer knows and calls me by name, on the way in, and on the way out. Professional. Your team knows their stuff as evidenced by degrees, certifications, experience, and protocols.

Before Discover Strength: 178+ lbs. Unknown body composition, though I’ll hazard an estimate of 20%+ body fat concentrated mostly around my waist and chest. Strong, sport-capable legs and lower body (anaerobically as required when skiing moguls, and aerobically as when required for single-day 200-mile cycling events). Inattentive to the upper body, period.

With Discover Strength: 144.6 lbs. 11.3% body fat. And, not only have I not lost strength, but over the course of five years of Discover Strength workouts, I have become stronger at regular assessment intervals. With some regret (now), the first Body Comp Challenge I participated in was in October 2021. I’ve since participated in three more. Why the regret? I missed out. But no more. The degree of progress I’ve experienced since participating is phenomenal. My percent of body fat has decreased from 18.7% to 11.3%. The fat mass has decreased from 29.1lbs to 16.3lbs. After the first Body Comp Challenge, fat-free mass declined initially from 126.7lbs to 124.3lbs but has, by adhering to Discover Strength trainer advice to consume 1g of protein per pound of body weight, increased to 128.3lbs. And I feel so good. Healthy in a way that is new to me. Amazing. I am able to do things with ease I hadn’t realized were hard because I lacked strength. I can see muscle definition I thought I’d never have. Last week, I saw a good friend for the first time in four months. ‘You look svelte,’ he said. ‘What have you been doing?’ Wow. Wind me up with a question like that! I’ll attest to anyone the influence and impact of Discover Strength in my life. Thank you, Discover Strength!”

We’re thrilled that Larry has had such a positive change in his life with Discover Strength workouts. Interested in our efficient, evidence-based approach with expert exercise physiologists? Sign up for your free introductory session today!

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