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June P. started with Discover Strength as someone who wanted to improve her health overall. Shortly after starting with Discover Strength, she received a diagnosis that greatly impacted her life.

“I initially joined Discover Strength for the same reasons many people do, to work on my overall health as a middle-aged woman—you know, maintain bone density and muscle mass, maybe drop a few pounds, and replace some developing flab with muscle.

But I had been at Discover Strength for about a year when I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive abdominal tumor, requiring a radical surgery at Mayo Clinic. Not only was this frightening to someone who never even gets colds, I had this idea that I would have to discontinue working out. When I told my trainers I’d be leaving, they responded with get-well cards, and caring, as well as: “We’ll be here for you as soon as you can come back.” Discover Strength management even called me to assure me that they have trainers who have worked specifically with people nursing injuries, illnesses, and surgical recoveries.

After 8 weeks, I was given the go-ahead to return to activity, and in addition to biking, I began training at Discover Strength again. Sure enough, to my surprise, just 6 months after surgery I was told that I’m now stronger than I was before the cancer. Mayo sells a t-shirt that says, “comeback stronger than the setback”. I think they designed it for me, and I give Discover Strength the credit for having well-educated and well-trained staff who brought me to where I am now. Two trainers, in particular, Grace and Maddie, knew how to increase my weight gradually, and advised very slow repetition; I’d bet my form is better than it has ever been through their consistent coaching during my first weeks back. Completely clueless, I let them design the workouts for me. They knew which exercises to avoid, which to take more gradually than others, and which would strengthen the damaged parts of my post-surgery body. And here I thought I would have to stop! Far from it.

Technically, I will be in recovery for another 5 months. But I am confident that Discover Strength and its staff can work with me no matter what the circumstance. I am not a self-starter, and I’ve never been particularly athletic. It doesn’t matter; this form of training meets all individuals where they are.

Regaining my strength has been good for me physically, but it also has helped me mentally to feel human again, and less like some sort of victim. What you’ll find at Discover Strength are people who really care about your well-being.

Questions about the whys and wherefores of an exercise? They can support what they do with the latest in exercise science. Don’t like an exercise? They’ll find something else for you. Want to work harder? They’ll meet you there. Want to increase your strength gradually? They can work with that. Setback? Come in and see how much encouragement you get. Five stars.”
-June P.

We’re beyond grateful for June P. as a client and are so proud of the progress she has made with Discover Strength.

If you’re looking for a place to meet you where you’re at, challenge you to be your best, and support you along the way with evidence-based exercise and expert exercise physiologists, Discover Strength is for you.

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