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Josh was experiencing what most people in corporate America are experiencing; long hours, sitting at a desk, little to no activity, and feeling drained at the end of the day. Josh knew something needed to change. Take a look at Josh’s strength story and everything he has accomplished since training at Discover Strength.

“…all the normal problems associated with having a high stress desk job, I was heavier every year, had less energy all the time…

There are 1,000 different ways to solve that issue, and it’s just kind of overwhelming. Discover Strength suggested that you can solve those problems in half an hour a week, so, that was pretty compelling.

Anything that you use your body to do became better and easier. Everything from picking up the kids to walking upstairs without having any issues with that those were all just a result of the strength training twice a week. I’ll be 40 years old a week from today. I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been which is quite an accomplishment to do that at 40.”

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