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Best-selling business author Jim Collins writes and speaks about preparing for uncertainty. Referring to the external challenges that organizations of all kinds face, he states, and I paraphrase, that the likelihood that another global pandemic, exactly like Covid-19, will occur again, is low. It’s also not likely that we will experience a recession exactly like that of 2008. The likelihood of a terrorist attack that involves planes flying into tall buildings is minute.

The likelihood that any one of these things is going to happen, is very low.

However, the likelihood that something is going to happen is almost 100% certain.

Jim Collins’: Calamity is looming. Organizations and leaders must always be preparing.

This mindset has tremendous parallels to our exercise, health, and fitness. I was recently reading a significant research study about strength training and Type 2 Diabetes. The data indicate that one-third of hospitalizations from Covid-19 were Type 2 Diabetics. Stated otherwise, Type 2 Diabetes was a major risk factor for Covid-19 severity that lead to hospitalization. To Collins’ point, another Covid-19 is not likely. However, a health challenge (knee replacement, a significant fall, infection, invasive surgery, etc.) is almost a certainty.

The discipline of strength training is our preparation for what’s coming. Of course, we don’t know exactly what’s coming. But we are wise enough to know that something is coming. And with every rep, set, and workout, we are hedging against the calamity that is on the horizon.

This… is the real value of resistance training.

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