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Jeff C. Strength Story

Nobody wants to feel old. Including current Discover Strength client Jeff C.

Before coming to Discover Strength, Jeff was gaining weight, losing muscle strength, and struggling to recover from full knee replacement surgery. Despite his athletic background, he had fallen off of a consistent workout schedule. Even when he did work out, he felt ineffective, inefficient, and unguided.

He was feeling complacent, disengaged, and worried about his health. His doctor labeled him as pre-diabetic, and Jeff was still struggling to recover from full knee replacement surgery.

It was time for a serious change.

Enter: Discover Strength.

After a recommendation from a friend, Jeff was skeptical at first but quickly learned why praises were being sung for the sessions at Discover Strength. He comments that “it was structured, professional, informed, wicked-efficient and I immediately felt like I was gaining strength.” Jeff felt appropriately pushed to improve and appreciated how our exercise physiologists knew both his physical state session-to-session (“How’s your body feeling today, Jeff?”) and also his medical conditions, both past, and present, and ensured no harm would be done.

Jeff set an impressive goal for the year 2022: to go from 31.6% body fat to 11% by the end of 2022.

As of Jeff’s most recent Bod Pod test in June of 2022, he is down to 20.8% body fat. We’ll be with him every step of the way to get him to his goal by the end of the year.

Life is looking pretty good for Jeff! Here’s what he has to say about what it’s s looking like now:

“Gaining strength while losing body fat has made me feel stronger and more vital. I sleep better, have more energy, and am excited about continually trying to improve my health. It provides a framework for improvement, offers a professional approach to coaching and guidance, and a community in which you can learn to improve your fitness and health tailored to your own needs and goals.

Discover Strength has provided a disciplined framework for improvement in strength, knowledge, and general well-being. The structured and efficient workouts have made me measurably stronger. The Bod Pods provided needed feedback on body composition changes. While I gained marginal muscle, I wasn’t reducing my body fat percentage… What started as an effort to ‘get in shape’ has become a journey to learn more and do more. All these things together have given me a new and exciting perspective on how you don’t have to succumb to age – you CAN get better and continuously improve, no matter your age or condition.”

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