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Hear from one of our exercise physiologists, Brandon, about why he loves working at Discover Strength! He talks about what he struggled with before coming to Discover Strength, and what is unique about his experience here so far.

“At my previous job, very few of my coworkers valued education and its application towards resistance training. They would implement things they learned from social media as if they were coming from an educated expert.

It made me feel like my education wasn’t valued in their eyes and it was frustrating knowing they were incorporating “trendy” exercises with people I would train.

Working at Discover Strength has been the polar opposite experience in this aspect. Everyone working here is properly educated and has a strong desire to continue to learn and stay up to date with the latest research, rather than the latest trend.

Since working at Discover Strength, I have more balance in my life, but continue to be challenged with more opportunities at the same time. This is the exact balance I want in my life right now. I have also been more passionate towards my personal workouts, and I credit this to the hard work and dedication of my coworkers and clients at Discover Strength.

Everyone’s dedication has motivated me, and training with other expert exercise physiologists has helped me get the most out of my workouts as well.”

-Brandon S.

Does Brandon’s experience resonate with you? Does Discover Strength feel like the right fit? Check out the links below to learn more about a career as an exercise physiologist at Discover Strength, or about scheduling your free introductory workout. Experience for yourself about how Discover Strength can make a difference in your life.

Learn more about a career at Discover Strength HERE.

Schedule your free introductory workout HERE.

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