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Hear from one of our exercise physiologists, Brandon C., about why he loves working at Discover Strength! He talks about what he struggled with before coming to Discover Strength, and what is unique about his experience here so far.

“Some of the problems I was experiencing at my other jobs were the lack of opportunities in the company to either grow or work towards something new. After a couple of months, I didn’t know what would be the next step and it seemed like I was at a dead end. This would leave me concerned not knowing where I would be if I decided to work with these companies long-term.

Working at Discover Strength, during the first week of onboarding I was told about the 10-year career core growth plan that would teach me how to master my craft and offer many opportunities and step-by-step planning on what my future would look like with the company which made my decision to work at Discover Strength that much easier.

Since working at Discover Strength, I have learned more about strength training and the research and science behind all of it. I have been pushed and held to the highest standard by my colleagues which reassures me that I’m with a great company. Being surrounded by leaders, professionals, and motivated people that are passionate about what they do every day is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a company. Being able to help people with their health in the most effective way of training is truly rewarding and is something I’m happy to say that I do as a profession.”

-Brandon C.

Does Brandon’s experience resonate with you? Does Discover Strength feel like the right fit? Check out the links below to learn more about a career as an exercise physiologist at Discover Strength, or about scheduling your free introductory workout. Experience for yourself about how Discover Strength can make a difference in your life.

Learn more about a career at Discover Strength HERE.

Schedule your free introductory workout HERE.

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