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What Makes You Think People Actually Want to Get in Shape?

On September 3rd, I had the pleasure of being personally trained by strength training author and legend, Roger Schwab, at “X-Force Philly” in Philadelphia. Roger was the longtime head judge for the International Federation of Body Building, author of the book, Strength of a Woman, and owned and operated one of the most impressive health clubs in the US for 40 years. Roger recently sold that health club and opened up the most beautiful personal training studio I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world (if you find yourself in downtown Philadelphia, I highly recommend scheduling a workout). Roger’s facility features the new strength training technology, “X-Force,” that makes the lowering part (the negative) of each rep, 40% heavier than the positive (the lifting portion). I had an incredible workout with the 74-year old Schwab followed by a great discussion over lunch.
Over lunch, Schwab recanted a conversation he recently had with a client of his, a woman who was a popular spin instructor in Philadelphia. Roger was talking with his client about his commitment to helping clients produce great RESULTS. As Roger tells it, the spin instructor looked at him and asked, “What makes you think people want results from their workouts?” “My heart sank,” responded Schwab. For 60 years, his assumption had always been that we workout to produce results. Schwab replied to his client, “If not results, what do people want from their fitness program?” “Community,” she responded. Schwab was visibly emotional over this response.
I agree with Schwab. I think our workout should be focused on RESULTS. Our workout should enhance fitness, improve performance, prevent chronic disease, and stimulate a myriad of psychological benefits. Community is great; but only as a compliment to the foundation of RESULTS. Moral of the story: If you are chasing results, be sure that results are in fact the objective of the workout/instructor.

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