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Evidence Based Micro Workout for your Next Interval Session

Dr. Martin Gibala, professor and chair of the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Ontario, has conducted more research on the effects of interval training on both health and performance than any other single researcher. In addition to traditional interval training, Gibala has researched “micro” workouts: the new science of ultra-low volume interval training. It turns out that a very small dose of exercise can be incredibly effective if the intensity level is high enough. If you are healthy and have been previously physically active, try mixing in this interval workout the next time you are time-strapped.
  • Warm up for 3-5 minutes (running, cycling or utilizing whatever modality you will use during the workout).
  • Blast through a 20-second sprint at an all-out pace (again, on a bike, running on a track, or even swimming).
  • Rest with light activity for 1-minute.
  • Blast through a second 20-second sprint.
  • Rest with light activity for 1-minute.
  • Blast through a third and final 20-second sprint.
  • End with a 2-minute cool-down for a total duration of 10 minutes. 
Gibala’s studies indicate that this workout reduced blood pressure by 6-8% and improved cardiorespiratory fitness by 12%. Most remarkably, this 10-minute workout (with only 1-minute of intense work) produced the same benefit as 135 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise over a 12-week study.  

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