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As a small business owner and mother of three, Emily was struggling to find a workout to stick with. Enter: Discover Strength.

Hear from Emily below on what her life looks like with Discover Strength, and her experience with resistance training!

“I would always join a gym or some group fitness classes and attempt to get in shape on my own, however, nothing ever seemed to work or I would come up with an excuse not to go. I felt like I was wasting time and money! I came and went from Discover Strength a few different times, and have always found my way back.

I like that I am able to schedule the workout for a time that works for me and know that I will be out with an a** kicking after 30-45 minutes.

Life is busy being a small business owner with three young kids, however, I feel like I can commit to my Discover Strength workouts two (most weeks) times a week and see results!”

We’re thrilled that Emily has had such a positive change in her life with Discover Strength workouts. Interested in our efficient, evidence-based approach with expert exercise physiologists? Sign up for your free introductory session today!

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