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Dr. Doug McGuff is an emergency room physician practicing in South Carolina. He owns a strength training facility (very similar to Discover Strength) called Ultimate Exercise. Dr. McGuff authored what might be the most comprehensive book ever written about exercise, Body by Science.

In a Zoom meeting earlier this week with some of the Discover Strength staff and several of our colleagues in Australia, Dr. McGuff riffed on the role of resistance training in the prevention of both aging and chronic disease.

Dr. McGuff states, “There is nothing a 50-year-old can do that would be better for themselves… something that can actually reverse human aging at the genomic level… that would keep them out of the ER, than strength training. And it’s not for a little while— it’s for the rest of your life. This is the reversal of entropy… and life is all about putting energy into fighting entropy. Intelligent strength training represents the most efficient input of energy to fight entropy.”

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