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Doug T. knew he wanted to retain his strength, even as he aged. Read more to hear about his journey with Discover Strength!

“I have always been very active, as I was getting older I knew I was losing muscle mass. Luke was very convincing with his evidence-based approach to strength training. That, combined with the concept of two times a week for 30 minutes, was enough to convince me I had to give it a try.

I found the workouts to be both very hard and very good. After a very short time, I realized the benefits and how the sessions were improving my health.

I have been going to the St. Louis Park location for a number of years so it seems like family to me. I know all the trainers and they all know me. My workouts are hard and the trainers know just how hard to push me. They really care about me and my progress. I strongly feel that it is a team effort. I have specific goals and they are helping me get there.

I will be 69 in June and feel as strong as I did in my forties. As you get older, health becomes a very important part of your life. I eat very well, get plenty of sleep, exercise, do weight training, have very healthy relationships and as a result, I take no medications. Discover Strength is first about the science and second about the educational credentials of the amazing team. But Discover Strength is so much more- [they] are an organization that truly cares about their] clients. It is a strong statement when I say it feels like family!

Discover Strength is an integral part of my healthy lifestyle, I am a customer for life!!”

-Doug T., Discover Strength St. Louis Park Client

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