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Does Load Matter?

There is widely believed that if you want a toned appearance, you need use lighter weights and perform more reps. The opposite is thought when it comes to trying to build a bulky appearance; heavier weights and fewer reps. 

Your ability to grow big muscles is largely determined by your genetic makeup. This is why males typically have a more bulky appearance compared to females. There are a number of factors from a genetic perspective that goes into that. Such as muscle fiber type to hormones. When it comes to bulking or toning up, it’s important to know your genetic makeup is largely responsible rather than the weight and rep scheme do.

Becoming more toned is relatively simple. The goal is to increase/maintain muscle tissue while reducing body fat. The best way to do that is to sustain a caloric deficit and hit your protein goal every day. When strength training, you can achieve the same toned appearance regardless of the rep scheme you decide to use. My suggestion is that you select a weight and rep goal that is conducive to you working the hardest. Intensity is going to be the variable that determines how much you are getting out of your weight training.

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