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Dave S. has been a client at the Northeast Discover Strength location for over five years. Hear more about how his workouts have changed his life, for the better.

“5+ years ago when I was looking to get into better shape. Father time, working too much, and the love of local breweries had me close to the heaviest in my life, and by far the most out of shape I had been. So the problem I was trying to solve was very simple: to get into better shape, especially as I was getting older.

The workouts at Discover are challenging, fun, and you walk out of the studio feeling truly amazing (okay maybe after you stop shaking). The trainers and process are the difference makers at Discover. They all have a unique way of motivating you to dig deeper. On the rare occasion you need something more, just ask for one more exercise, and they are happy to push you.

I tried Cross training and hurt my rotator cuff in my introductory workout, so I wanted something more controlled, scientific, and managed. I never thought one set of reps would ever yield the results that I have seen in the loss of body fat & gaining muscle. Trust the process, focus on the form, and challenge yourself every workout to match or beat the last time.

I can truly say I’m in better shape now at 50 than I was when I was 40. Clothes fit better, I have more confidence, I’m stronger, and I have even gotten my two teenagers to come and work out at Discover with me, so we have made it a family event.”
-Dave S.

Feel unstoppable with just two 30-minute workouts per week.

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