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In 2018, Dr. Stuart Phillips (Professor of Kinesiology at MacMaster University, and perhaps the world’s leading exercise researcher) and Dr. Michael Joyner (a physician and exercise researcher at the Mayo Clinic) published the seminal article “Out-running ‘bad’ diets: beyond weight loss there is clear evidence of the benefits of physical activity” in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, to answer the question of “can you outrun a bad diet”?

This week, Dr. Phillips summarized the take-home message of the research paper stating, “The cry needs to be changed to weight is lost in the kitchen and muscles are made in the gym; health can come from both, but exercise is King and diet is Queen! If you don’t lose weight in the gym it’s not a meaningless activity!”

Take-home messages:
-Exercise is marginally effective for weight loss (although we all keep using it for this purpose).
-Exercise (strength training and cardio) stimulates far more robust health-protective benefits than most people understand.

Both Dr. Phillips and Dr. Joyner have been on the Discover Strength Podcast. You can find their episodes here:
“Exercise for Longevity and Health” with Dr. Michael Joyner (Mayo Clinic)
“Protein and Muscle Gain” with Dr. Stuart Phillips Part I and Part II

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