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From high turnover rates in instructors, to lack of substance, to having to cease training due to injuries, Brett was feeling the frustrations of being a busy professional looking for a professional strength training workout that would improve her life and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Her workouts were just not working as hard as she was. Something had to change…

“Before coming to Discover Strength, I was experiencing a fair amount of wear and tear after 14 years as a full-time professional photographer and media makeup artist. Since it’s a pretty physical job, it’s easy to get overuse injuries in your back, shoulders, and neck. I knew I needed to find a professional strength training option to supplement my many years of cardio kickboxing and recreational biking to not age out of my industry and be able to run my business for many more years to come.

My biggest general goal is just to have the best quality of life for as long as possible. For that reason, my husband also joined and we are both loving our one-on-one training sessions!

At first, I was overwhelmed trying to find a gym that employed actual fitness professionals who would be able to do a customized program that was both effective and safe. I’ve had other gym memberships and class passes over the years where you get random part-time group class instructors who didn’t always know what they were doing and the turnover was high. So, if your favorite person left, there wasn’t much substance to the program or consistency among staff to make you want to stay.

The biggest difference at Discover Strength is the level of professionalism and experience of each and every trainer. They are all incredibly positive and friendly while giving you a very challenging personalized workout each and every time. It doesn’t matter who you schedule with since everyone is excellent and they all get to know you. It’s such a high-value experience to get one-on-one personal training that’s custom to your needs and actually gets results.

I wanted to find a gym that was so good, the cost to join and the personal commitment to showing up to it were non-issues. My two weekly Discover Strength training sessions have become a highlight of my week; and with my strength and mobility gains just doing work and daily life, I can’t afford not to train ongoing from a health perspective.

I saw the biggest difference of Discover Strength as opposed to past gym experiences when I had a pinched nerve issue in my neck this summer. Old gyms just would have said why don’t you come back when it feels better and skip class until then. My Discover Strength trainers knew that movement, blood flow, and oxygen help with recovery and healing- as echoed by my orthopedic and spine specialists, along with the physical therapists helping me get the inflammation down in the nerve.

For two months, my trainers did modifications that helped me keep training from when the nerve issue was in crisis through getting to recovery and maintenance. My main trainer, Edwin, incorporated the movements I had to do in PT into my workouts focusing just on mobility until I was pain-free enough to start adding more weight and reps back to build back up to where I was on upper body workouts, while really going for it on lower body since that was unaffected.

Going through an injury or any recovery process will show you firsthand how much they care to be a part of your wellness team and how talented they are at safely and effectively helping you gain your daily strength and mobility until you can really go for it again in full force.

Now that I’ve been training at Discover Strength, I’m actually living my most healthy life- as opposed to feeling like that’s always on the to-do list to figure out at some point. I’m regularly strength training at Discover Strength two times a week (so efficient and time-saving with real results!), and that has helped my general cardiovascular health to better enjoy my recreational social physical activities of distance biking, kayaking, skiing, and kickboxing.

I got a point in the right direction for calorie consumption and protein goals from a nutrition standpoint when I did the last bod pod challenge. I was able to lower my body fat percentage by 1.3%, lost 2.2 lbs of fat, and gained 2.5 lbs of muscle in just one month.

Training at Discover Strength is about truly achieving a healthy lifestyle that simply becomes how you do what you do. What you do regularly is more important than what you do once in a while. Making strength training part of your regular habits is just part of casting a vote for who you want to be every day, every week, and every month. That adds up to some pretty spectacular gains over time!”

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