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Just before the end of the year, a group of scientists published a paper in the Journal Exercise Sport and Movement titled “The Health Benefits of Resistance Exercise: Beyond Hypertrophy and Big Weights.” This important article provides scientific reinforcement for what we at Discover Strength have been teaching for nearly 17 years: strength training has benefits that are far more important beyond muscle and the ability to lift heavy weights.

The authors outline the following key health-related benefits of resistance training:

1. Increased mobility and fall prevention. Sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle and strength, decreases mobility and increases fall risk.
2. Improved cognitive function. Strength training positively impacts executive cognitive ability and global cognitive function in aging populations.
3. Reduced cancer-related mortality risk. Cancer patients with greater muscle mass experience fewer toxicities and better clinical outcomes.
4. Enhanced metabolic health. Resistance training improves blood lipid profile, glycemic control, and heart health.
5. Decreased all-cause mortality. Interestingly, performing more than 60 minutes of weekly strength training provides no additional health-protective benefits.

Continue to add muscle, lose fat, and lift more weight… but let these evidence-based benefits of strength training serve as the why that underpins your commitment to strength training.

If you are interested, you can read the paper HERE.

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