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Angie W. was just at the start of a weight loss journey when she formed a partnership with Discover Strength. Read on to learn her story.

“I was in the beginning part of my weight loss journey when I started at Discover Strength…
I felt depressed, embarrassed, and uncomfortable in my own skin!”

After starting with Discover Strength, everything was different! I was gifted four sessions and they changed my life! I always hated exercise and never thought I would actually stick to any routine. But by the end of the fourth session, I was hooked on the Discover Strength experience. And it is an experience– starting from the moment you walk in the door and everyone greets you by your first name! That is unheard of in today’s world! Everyone from customer service to each and every trainer is top-notch and professional… It’s hard work, but so rewarding! We love that it is just two times a week, and each workout is very succinct!

I feel strong and confident now! I ended up losing a total of 115 lbs and have been maintaining that since January 2021. But probably the best part is that my mental health is the best it’s ever been. I feel amazing, I have tons of energy and a zest for life now that I didn’t have before. I am still seeing improvements in my body composition and am just loving everything Discover Strength has helped me achieve!”
-Angie W.

Angie’s life was changed by Discover Strength. We offer efficient, evidence-based exercise with expert exercise physiologists so you can look and feel your best in a fraction of the time. Angie feels the difference, and so can you.

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